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orlistat full strength Welcome to Flameworks Elixirs.
We're proud of each of our products.

They're made with the finest ingredients and you won't find anything tastier the world over. Remember, our products are all Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, include no additives, no artificial flavours or fillers - and there's NO MSG! That's why our tag line is No Weird Stuff.

They're equally perfect for the barbeque or your oven. Scroll down and have a look. You'll be sure to find one that will heighten a favourite recipe. Speaking of recipes, fill out the little form and we'll send you three recipes to add to your collection.

Sue and Ken

To buy our products for your kitchen or as gifts, meet us at the Halifax Brewery Market on the weekend or stop by:

    - Pete's Fine Foods in Halifax and Bedford
    - Chater's Meat Market in Dartmouth
    - 2 Boy's Smokehouse and Deli on Cole Harbour Rd. Dartmouth

    - KJL Meats in Cornwall and Charlottetown, PEI
    - Jewell's Country Market, Marshfield, PEI (May-September)

   - Becks Farm

Contact us to inquire about how you can wholesale Flameworks Elixir products.

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This unique sauce is made with fresh wild blueberries and chiles. It was created by customer request - and we listened. Its sweetness complements chicken and pork dishes. Great as a topper for melted soft cheeses and as a dip for hard cheeses.

This bold sauce marries well with the earthy flavour of beef. The fresh jalapeno peppers and chili powder provide a nice warmth to the dish. Excellent as a steak dip (sop), a topper on meat loaf, a sauce for meatballs, slather on burgers, add to stew and chili or whatever meal you want to spark up. One customer eats an entire jar with potato chips.

This tasty mop is made with fresh ingredients and not sugar water. The molasses body develops an awesome stickiness with longer cooking in the oven or on the bbq, as it caramelizes. You will taste the unique fresh vegetables and juice in each bite.

This hot pepper jelly is unique. You can actually see the mixture of fresh hot peppers because it's not blended into oblivion with sweet pepper. There is no water in this jelly. We use fruit pectin instead of gelatin to satisfy vegans.

Flameworks Rubs
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Massage a good dose of this rub on chicken or pork for the bbq or oven. This rub also adds a boost to any bake, broil, casserole or stew.

Tired of lemon butter or breaded fish recipes? Try an exotic rub on your white fish like haddock, cod, halibut, tilapia, pike, walleye, etc. Just a dusting will transport your tastebuds to the beaches of Zanzibar.

An aromatic rub on beef and pork. Sprinkle liberally on brisket, pork shoulder, pork butt, ribs and steaks on the smoker and bbq. Also a great addition to burgers, meatloafs, stews and casseroles - whatever you desire!

Stuck for meal ideas? This versatile marinade of fresh ingredients works with salmon, chicken, pork and lamb. Coat any of these meals in the marinade and then pop into the oven or bbq. And, easy peasy dinner is done!

This marinade is unique to Canada. We imported the flavours from the southern USA where it's a bbq favourite. The addition of the eggs to the mop reserve adds a browning crust – much like an egg wash on baked goods - and helps the marinade stick to the chicken, and other birds of choice. The tang of the cider vinegar mop is moreish!

​Come and see us at Thrill of the Grill BBQ Eggfest  Saturday June​​​​​​​​​​ 16th 2018 in Upper Onslow, NS!